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There is a wide variety of scenarios where knowing how to escape a pair of handcuffs is vital; from kidnapping to home invasion, getting uncuffed without your captors knowing is Step One to ensure your survival. Unique Titanium in Bessemer, Ala., provides not only a large catalog of high-quality and affordable camping gear and fire starters, but also an enormous array of everyday carry items, such as carabiners, bottle openers, paracord and keychains, a lot of them made from titanium. Though the business was founded on custom flashlights, they also provide an assortment of micro escape tools that can be concealed, sometimes in plain sight, and ready if and when the time comes.

Undercover Bracelet

For anyone held unlawfully, this non-metallic and unique “gummy” bracelet innocuously hides a handcuff key. Placed exactly where one would need it on the wrist, the key is easily accessed. The key is permanently affixed to one end of the bracelet and also serves as the connector to join the two ends. The bracelet accommodates wrists up to 10 inches, and can be cut down to fit.

Handcuff Shim/Saw Blade

This useful and tiny tool is easily concealed and can be quickly put to work as either a small saw to cut through cloth, duct tape, or plastic ties, or as a shim to pry apart the teeth of a single-lock handcuff. Made from hardened 316 stainless steel with a small lanyard hole, it is 2 inches long and 1/8 of an inch thick. It is a direct replacement for the saw/shim in the Titanium Escape Ring.

Zipper Pull Handcuff Key

Jackets and sweaters have zippers, and zippers need pulls, which makes this a perfect covert escape tool. Nobody will ever inspect your zipper pull for clandestine tools, so this is the ultimate “hidden-in-plain-sight” item. It can be attached to any zipper, and the key remains completely hidden and since it is attached to a rugged cord, it will not get lost.

Boot Lace Handcuff Key

Similar in concept to the Zipper Pull Handcuff Key is this covert bootlace handcuff key that is designed to have a near zero likelihood of being detected. Discreetly attached to the tip of your bootlace, this handcuff key is then covered by a black rubber aglet. It installs easily with a pair of small pliers.

Titanium Escape Ring

It looks like a typical silver ring, one that has more sentimental value than monetary value, which will keep your captors from stealing it while in their charge. The Titanium Escape Ring is cut from solid barstock and polished to a mirror finish. Tucked into a small divot around the inside is the Handcuff Shim/Saw Blade, which is completely hidden from view when worn. Available in all most common ring sizes.



6185 Pocahontas Road

Bessemer, AL 35022


Editor’s note: A version of this article first appeared in the August 2015 print issue of American Survival Guide.