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Take a passion for survival, a dependable military vehicle, and a lot of man-hours invested in a comprehensive customization and what do you get? A fleet of survival vehicles that can tear across the country with your entire stash of bug-out supplies safely on-board.

If you’re ready for the ultimate survival vehicle, Plan B Supply can deliver.


Plan B Supply was conceived by survivalist Dan Coleman, who owns one of these vehicles…naturally. The company’s customized trucks are built upon the base of a retired military vehicle, then crafted at its warehouse to your specifications. After you accept delivery of your vehicle, the rest is up to you.

“The most cost-effective avenue for a survivalist’s money is the military truck conversion.”

“The most cost-effective avenue for a survivalist’s money is the military truck conversion.”

“About seven years ago I wanted a survival vehicle that could cover a lot of scenarios and the military trucks were the ones that fit the category best for fulfilling my needs,” Coleman says. The company also converts other government-retired vehicles, including fire trucks, into survival wheels.


If you’re shopping for a survival vehicle, your first step should be to check out the offerings on the Plan B website, which showcases the many styles of trucks available.

“The most cost-effective avenue for a survivalist’s money is the military truck conversion,” Coleman says. “We have contracts with the government to purchase a certain amount of trucks each year and we like the expandable box trucks best.”

Although most other off-road motor homes are in the half-million dollar range, Plan B can put you into a survival truck for as low as $15,000, Coleman says. “For most survivalists, we sell really dependable trucks in the $14,500 to $26,000 range,” he says. “Our main customer base is a family that wants a good, stout bug-out vehicle.”


Inside the survival vehicle, you can request anything from a simple stove and dorm refrigerator to create your meals on the go to a fully functional kitchen with a stove and refrigerator already hooked up to solar panels and batteries. “On the box trucks we usually put solar-, electrical- and diesel-powered equipment like heaters in the vehicle, as well as diesel cooking stoves,” Coleman says. “We just put two 80-gallon diesel tanks on one truck that can take it almost 1,000 miles without having to fuel up.”

However, Coleman stresses, he doesn’t advise survivalists to waste diesel on making a can of soup. “My main focus is helping people understand how to use precious commodities that could be on low supply,” he says. “You want to save your diesel fuel for the truck to get from place to place, not as a generator so you can make toast. Instead, you want to use solar for those things. You can use your generator to turn the microwave on and cook a meal in two minutes to save energy.”


If you’re in the market for a bug-out vehicle you can’t do much better than a Plan B Supply model. It’s tough, it’s affordable and it provides everything you need to get outa Dodge.

To learn more about Plan B Supply, visit the company’s website at



The expandable 6×6 Command Center vehicle is truly an awesome way to hedge your bets for when it’s time to bug out.

  • Cummins diesel engine
  • Four 50-inch rough terrain tires
  • Allison automatic transmission
  • Rockwell high/low range transfer case
  • Rockwell 5t on planetary axles
  • Water fording depth of 5 feet, 7 inches
  • Rear box that expands from 17 x 8 to 17 x 14
  • Full electrical panel with breakers
  • Roof hatch with fold-down ladder
  • Rear-mounted generator
  • Diesel-fired space heater
  • Rear box AC unit
  • Blackout windows
  • Pop-up roof tent, sleeps six with roof hatch access
  • Folding rear lift gate for loading heavy equipment
  • Rear 2-inch receiver hitch for towing a trailer
  • On-board air tanks for running air tools
  • Roof-mounted solar panels
  • 2,500-watt DC inverter
  • On-board communications, HAM radio
  • Top speed: 72 mph
  • 8.6 mpg at 65 mph
  • 10.2 mpg at 50 mph


Price: $38,700

*Stock price without mods: $28,800

Editor’s notes:

Thank you to the crew at Plan B Supply who drove two of their trucks from Oregon to California for our ASG cover shoot. From left to right: Top left: Tom Broome, Plan B co-owner Top right: Dan Coleman, Plan B owner Middle: Bryan Marshall, president, Bottom left: Andrew Robb, Plan B mechanic and fabricator Bottom right: Wade Wagner, Plan B PR and Las Vegas supervisor.

We also want to thank Raahauge’s Shooting Enterprises for the generous use of its property for our cover shoot. To learn more about Raahauge’s, visit

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