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In the event of a natural disaster, having a backup portable generator can mean the difference between night and day—and we mean either having light or staying left in the dark.

These generators offer a wide selection in watts, sizes and capabilities for any survivalist’s needs. So the next time you experience an earthquake, tornado or hurricane that knocks out power lines on your block, don’t sweat it. You’ll be covered.


Product: Corepower Series

MSRP:  $1,995 and Up

Description: The 7-kilowatt CorePower Series is ideal if you only need to protect your essential circuits and want a portable, affordable option for standby power

Starts automatically when the power goes off, if you’re home or not

Provides immediate backup power and runs on LP or natural gas fuel



Product: 1,200w Generator, 2 Stroke

MSRP: $134.99 and Up

Description: Lightweight and compact, 44 pounds

Runs lights, coffee makers, small tools at campsites

Attached rubber feet reduce vibrations, circuit breaker protects generator from overload

Air-cooled 2 stroke engine and 1.2 gallon tank capacity; runs 8.5 hours at half load on 1.2 gallons of fuel; delivers 1,200 watts surge or 800 watts continuous


Product: APG3560, 6,000w Generator

MSRP: $736 and Up

Description: Propane powered, 6,000 surge watts; 5,000 running watts

13 HP OHV engine with electric start

Two 120V outlets and one 120V twist locking outlet

20 pounds, providing 8 hours of runtime on half a load


Product: APGG10000 10,000w Generator

MSRP: $899 and Up

Description: Electric/recoil start with a battery (maintenance-free battery included)

420ccOHV air-cooled engine; 10,000W surge and 8,000W rated; horsepower 15 HP

Has a fuel capacity of 8 gallons (takes unleaded gasoline) and a protective circuit breaker


Product: Sportsman Gen7000LP

MSRP: $785 and Up

Description: 13 HP 4 stroke OHV engine, 7,000 surge watts/6,000 running watts

Electric and recoil start

Automatic low-oil shutdown and voltage regulator 3,600 RPM, EPA approved and last longer than traditional gasoline generators

Engine runtime is 8 hours at 50 percent load per 20 pounds of LP fuel


Product: 1200W Generator

MSRP: Varies per Retailer

Description: 1,200 running watts/1,500 starting watts

Comes with a 2-year limited warranty

Uses intelligauge (for volts, frequency and operation hours)

Has a runtime of 10 hours at the 50 percent load


Product: 6500w Remote Start Generator

MSRP: Varies per Retailer

Description: 6,500 running watts/8,250 starting watts

Comes with a wireless remote starter and a 2-year limited warranty

2, 10-inch never-flat wheels Has a runtime of 8 hours at the 50 percent load



Product: GP Series Portable Generators (5,500W)

MSRP: $689

Description: A favorite for home use, emergency power, or power for camping, job sites and outdoor events

Uses Generac’s OHV engines with cast-iron cylinder sleeves and low-oil shutdown

Comes with a large steel tank, has easy-to-read fuel gauges for extended runtimes and covered outlets—all protected by a steel tube cradle


Product: 22KW PTO Generator

MSRP: $2,690

Description: 22,000-watt continuous output, 90-amp output at 240V

Power Meter Pro installed on the back of the unit

Small unit that’s powerful enough to supply energy to your home in need; high-quality PTO generator with heavy-duty single-phase and brushless design for maintenancefree performance

Aluminum- and steel-built for durability


Product: XG Series Portable Generators (6500W)

MSRP: $1.025 and Up

Description: Ideal for home or work use because of its great quality, power and reliability.

Powered by the OHVI engine, the XG Series features an illuminated control panel and

PowerBar to display the watt capacity Steel tube cradle, fullwrap frame tubing and impact resistant corners

Covered outlets provide some extra protection


Product: 20KW Home Standby Generator

MSRP: $4,949

Description: Protects your home during extended power outages; automatic, air-cooled engine

Standby generator for residential use

60 Hz frequency, rated wattage: 20,000 watt

Warranty: 5 years/2,000 hours



Product: Subaru Robin RG3200IS Inverter Generator

MSRP: $2,446

Description: Control panel that’s user friendly 3,200 watts of power, with a multi-monitor display that shows voltage, hours or operation and if it’s overloaded (for prevention)

Engine automatically shuts off if low oil level is detected

Adjusts engine speeds to meet power requirements






Editor’s note: A version of this article first appeared in the 2013 print issue of American Survival Guide.