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The slingshot hardly takes up any room in that backpack, for sure. Plus, this small item can come in very handy in a survival situation. Don’t overlook it!

Slingshots have come a long way from the typical Y-shaped stick, a rubberband and a small rock. They have evolved into sophisticated weapons, complete with sights, interchangeable bands, easy-grip handles and a variety of different-sized ball bearings and BBs.

Many characteristics make slingshots ideal for survival prepping, as well as “real-life” ongoing survival situations. Their compact size takes up almost no room when storing; nearly all, even the most complex, require little training to operate, and finding ammo is as easy as looking down for loose pebbles or stones.

Pack several throughout all your belongings to be able to defend yourself against those out to do you harm or steal your precious goods. Also, when or if food becomes scarce, these modern high-powered slingshots make excellent weapons to snag small game or wild birds.

1. BARNETT Black Widow

MSRP: $9.99

Key Features: Fold-away wrist brace; soft-touch grip; shooting guide

Description: The Black Widow slingshot pioneered the ingenious fold-way wrist brace, allowing for easy storage and portability when space is limited. Its comfort grip handle ensures a steady shot and less handgrip fatigue. Its uncomplicated design and included shooting guide is perfect for beginners new to the world of slingshots. Standard replaceable power bands and target ammo is included. The Black Widow is economically priced, making it easy to add multiple units to all your supply or gear bags.


BARNETT Pro Diablo

MSRP: $24.99

Key Features: Weighted stabilizers; wrist brace; sight system

Description: Steps above basic, the Pro Diablo slingshot is a professional grade weapon that hits its target with deadly accuracy. Using a three-piece weighted stabilizer system and adjustable sight system, your ball bearings ammo will find its mark repeatedly. The Pro Diablo is equipped with magnum power bands for maximum projectile velocity. Its detachable wrist brace ensures compact storage when not in use. Perfect for small game hunting or personal protection during any unexpected crises. A shooting guide, comfort grip handle and sleek body design round out this awesome piece of weaponry.


3. AFTERMATH Bone Collector

MSRP: $8.50

Key Features: Rapid reloading: leather carrying pouch; easy to use

Description: Add trophies to your collection with the Bone Collector Sport Slingshot. This highly durable and simple-to-use slingshot will help you bag game when hunting for food becomes a necessity. Equipped with high-quality tubular thrust bands, the Bone Collector can become your greatest asset when firearm ammo becomes scarce. Use the built-in BB magazine in the unit’s handle for rapid reloading so you never miss an opportunity to shoot. An included leather pouch secures your weapon when not in use.


4. AFTERMATH Kavia Elite

MSRP: $15

Key Features: Adjustable sight; integrated handle magazine; jet-black design

Description: The Kavia Elite Slingshot is perfectly constructed for hitting your target time after time. Equipped with an adjustable sight and adjustable wrist brace, you are assured a steady and accurate shot. Its sleek black color melts perfectly into the darkness to launch a surprise attack or when defending yourself against marauders or thieves. The Kavia Elite uses 3⁄8-inch BBs as ammo, and offers quick reloading, thanks to its integrated magazine located within its contoured handle. Leather pouch and high-quality thrust bands are included.


5. SIMPLE SHOT Axiom FlipKung

MSRP: $75

Key Features: Slingshot minimalism; extremely lightweight; interchangeable band options

Description: Basically designed, but highly customizable, the Axiom Flipkung is your simple go-to weapon in a pinch. Its unique 3G fork tips can accommodate nearly any style elastic bands or rubber tubes, giving you superior adaptability when supplies may run thin. Cut from ¼inch 6061T6 aircraft aluminum, this versatile slingshot is tough and extremely durable while remaining lightweight to carry in any 72-hour emergency bag. Wrapped around nearly the entire unit is 10 feet of usable paracord, a crucial supply for numerous survival applications. Multiple cord colors available.


6. SIMPLE SHOT The Scout

MSRP: $39.95

Key Features: Innovative flex-clip; simple operation; comfortable grip

Description: Quality, precision and accuracy is what you get with this 100-percentmade-in-America Scout Slingshot. The traditional design of this fine weapon allows for easy operation and pinpoint accuracy on your target with every shot. The unit comes fitted with .30-inch latex flatbands and also includes an innovative FlipClip band attachment accessory. At just under 6 inches in height, this slingshot’s design allows it to fit into the back pocket of blue jeans or shorts, reminiscent of days gone by. This attractive piece comes in nine distinct colors, including hunter orange, royal blue, desert sand, and lobster red among many others. Comes complete with leather carrying pouch.


7. DAISY PowerLine P51 Slingshot Kit

MSRP: $29.99

Key Features: Full start-up kit; flexible wrist support; molded pistol grip

Description: The Daisy Powerline Slingshot Kit has everything you need to hone your skills, when or if tough times fall upon the world. The kit has everything you need to become a great slingshot shooter, including a molded pistol-grip handle, comfortable wrist support, a tough release pouch and durable latex tubing to send your shot flying into the bull’s-eye. The set comes complete with 75 count of 3/8-inch and 250 count of ¼-inch solid steel, zinc-covered ammo, and one replacement band to keep you shooting for hours on end.


8. SURVIVAL SLINGSHOT Model: Archer Complete w/ Tactical Light

MSRP: $139.95

Key Features: Archery configuration; tactical light; 25-pound pull

Description: This is a serious slingshot for the serious survivalist. This piece of weaponry is especially designed for shooting arrows, as well as standard slingshot ammo. Using a Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit for accuracy and standard 25-pound pull bands, your arrows will find their target with speed and power. The Survival Slingshot is ideal for bow fishing as well as hunting small game and, of course, personal defense when times get rough. Equipped with a 1-inch tactical light for nighttime use, this multi-use slingshot will come in handy on all outdoor excursions or for protecting your home or camp using stealth tactics. A watertight storage area can hold a multitude of small survival tools and necessities. A compass and ball-bearing ammo are included.


Editor’s note: A version of this article first appeared in the August 2014 print issue of American Survival Guide.