Combine the durability and comfort of a Sportsmobile with the capabilities of the outback … and survive in style.

What do you get when you cross a 50-year-old american motor home manufacturing legend like sportsmobile and a 25-year-old Australian off-roading company that specializes in vehicles that can traverse the outback with ease? The offspring of this marriage is All Terrain Warriors USA, a company that makes a vehicle that can take you across the United States while providing for all of your survival needs in the process.

Built upon the Mitsubishi Fuso truck platform, the All Terrain Warriors’ flagship vehicle is the Alpha Camper, which comfortably sleeps six and provides a sink, shower, marine toilet and refrigerator. The company’s newer Bravo Camper is a factory 4×4 diesel with a self-contained hard-sided camper that can sleep four adults. With a fuel capacity of 63 gallons and a tank that can hold 80 gallons of fresh water, this concept vehicle is expected to go live by the end of this year, giving you hours of off-road experiences while maintaining your comfort in the process.

Study these numbers: 63-gallon fuel capacity; 80-gallon fresh water tank capacity

King of comfort

One of the reasons that the All Terrain Warriors are known as the kings of comfort is due to the company’s parabolic leaf springs, which offer a startling 24 inches of articulation for off-road use but also provide an ultra-comfortable ride on the road. The company sells its spring sets for your stock Fuso, and each set includes the following:
• Four sets of springs
• Four shocks
• Two rear bump stops and brackets
• Two front bumper stops
• Four sets of U-bolts

The cost per set is $6,250 if you plan to install it off-site, or $7,185 for the company to include the installation.

“ … All Terrain Warriors USA, a company that makes a vehicle that can take you across the United States while providing for all of your survival needs in the process.”



Maximize your on- and off-road capabilities with a set of heavy-duty single track wheels that convert the Mitsubishi Fuso from a dual rear wheel setup to a single rear wheel that tracks with the front tires.

These DOT-approved wheels more than quadruple your wheel load rating from 3,858 pounds to 13,227 pounds per wheel. The wheels also feature the following benefits:

• Increased rolling diameter results in higher gearing to improve fuel consumption.
• Reduces wear on the drivetrain and tires.
• Valves on both sides for easy inflation.
• No rocks can be caught between the duals, which avoids sidewall damage.
• Extremely heavy-duty, 16-ply tubeless tires with high-puncture resistance.
• Mud and snow tread pattern to give better traction in all conditions.

What’s inside the Alpha Camper: Comfortably sleeps six, sink, shower, Marine toilet and refrigerator.

Editor’s note: A version of this article first appeared in the Fall 2013 print issue of American Survival Guide.